Pocket Pond

Pocket Pond 3.3

Virtual fish pond on your iPhone


  • Realistic graphics
  • Soothing sound effects
  • Customizable pool
  • Weather effects


  • Not very interactive
  • Small variety of fish


Want a quick way to relax and de-stress? Pocket Pond places a virtual fish pond on your iPhone, which is great for calming you down during stressful times.

Pocket Pond displays a very realistic looking animated pond at full screen resolution. The water ripples gentle and the koi in the pond swim around in a very authentic way. The nature sound effects that accompany Pocket Pond are beautifully soothing, from the twittering of the many different birds, to the sound of the water lapping the edge of the pond.

Pocket Pond offers such a wonderfully accurate representation of nature that you'll want to stick your hand inside your iPhone to feel the water. In fact, if you try to do this you'll create ripples in the pond. Be careful though because this can scare away the fish!

Customize your pond

You can pimp your pond by touching the plus button. This menu allows you to choose from a selection of lilypads, which you can drag around and place anywhere in the water. Pocket Pond also gives you the option to control the weather, with a storm feature that creates realistic raindrop effects and clapping thunder noises.

Ultimately, Pocket Pond doesn't do very much, and if you want a bit more interaction it might be worth upgrading to the iFish Pond app, which lets you catch the fish with a rod and bobber, and unlock new interactive creatures.

As it is though, Pocket Pond is a highly realistic simulation of an actual fish pond. Stare at it after a long day's work and you'll instantly unwind!

Pocket Pond


Pocket Pond 3.3

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